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 Rules, When chaos needs order...
 Posted: Sep 30 2014, 01:39 PM
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Please register first with an OOC (out-of-character) account. Register all sub-accounts with proper first and last names - no nicknames, no all caps. Example - Jane Doe. Exceptions are made for characters with non-traditional names.
Open Fandoms
There are no fandom restrictions on PandemØnium. Just because it's not on the list, doesn't mean you can't have it. App with your fandom of choice, and Watcher will add it when you are accepted. Watcher is a feeble soul, and could not fathom every single fandom, so help a girl out, and app to your heart's content.
Applications are handled on a first-come first-serve basis. All WIP applications have seven (7) days to be completed or their claim held will be voided. Incomplete apps will be moved to the archive on day eight (8) unless the applicant has spoken with staff.
Face Claims
Here at PandemØnium, our only restriction on playbys and fandoms is that live characters need live faces. However, in the instance that your fandom lies in the realm of animation, we request you use HQ images for their avatar in your mini profile.
Shared Faces
There are really only a few ways to have a shared face claim. 1.Your character is one of a set of twins or multiples. 2. Your chosen Playby has acted in more than one Fandom, and both those characters are applied.

You can not under any circumstances, apply with an Original Character, into a particular fandom, with a playby that belongs to a Canon within that fandom.

For instance, Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor. You can not apply with an OC for the Doctor Who fandom, using Matt Smith's face. You can however, apply to another fandom, and use that playby.

This site is rated mature due to the graphic contents. We ask any players be over the age of 16 to play, and only players over 18 may take part in mature themed threads and forum games.
No spamming, disrespect or advertising in the cbox. Warnings will be given unless in extreme circumstances. Absolutely no posting of NSFW content without at least giving warning. Repeat offenders will be IP-Banned from the cbox.
Please limit RPing to third person, past tense when posting in character. First person may be used in appropriate forum games or where deemed acceptable. While we accept all levels of writers, we expect quality over quantity. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected.
Roleplay pt. 2
God-moding, meta-gaming, and all in that like will not be tolerated. You will be warned if caught doing this. Further attempts to get this behavior past the staff will result in being asked to leave the forum.
Thread Ratings
This is a rated 'mature' site. There may include mentions of sex, drugs, alcohol and violence. If your thread contains any of that we ask that you tag your thread with [Mature] or [Trigger Warning] as common courtesy to your fellow players.
In regards to activity, we ask that characters are posted with at least once a week. We understand if you get busy, and please feel free to post an away notice or slowed posting notice for us. All we really ask is that you don't mysteriously vanish on us for months on end. Canons will not be held for any huge length of time without contact to the staff to let them know what is going on.
Character Limit
There is no character limit here on PandemØnium. We do however ask that you have at least five (5) in character posts with your latest character before applying for the next. This gives you a chance to get a feel for your character before you take on another.

There is no penalty for dropping characters.

We understand that your favorite Fandom has great 'curb appeal' as it were, especially those that are chock full of loads of characters. To encourage variety we ask that you don't app two characters that might spend a lot of time interacting.

Example: The Doctor and a Companion, Sam and Dean Winchester, The Charmed Sisters, Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Exceptions may be made, however if the characters are likely to interact heavily, it's frowned upon to 'play with yourself' as it were.

We would like to give everyone a chance to interact with each other by keeping the fandoms open among writers.

Closing Notes
Here on PandemØnium, we encourage creative freedom. That means we let you write about the nitty gritty. The behind closed doors. We bear a mature label, and expect our members to behave maturely.

While we accept characters under the age of 18, those characters have additional restrictions.

Players with Characters under the age of 18 on PandemØnium are not allowed to post that character in mature threads, even OOC ones such as the Morning After Game, due to the context of the game itself.

Players with Characters under the age of 18 on PandemØnium are not allowed to have those characters partake in sexually mature or explicit threads regardless of the consent or age of the players. (If you really have a need for this, take it off site, into private chats. We don't ban it because we're mean, we ban it because the lines of legality ask us to)

Respect is number one above all. Don't be afraid to approach staff if you feel there is a problem. We will not tolerate bashing of other sites, members, or unnecessary bashing of characters in the cbox. The cbox is intended for chatter and light plotting.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in immediate removal from PandemØnium. We have a no tolerance policy with these rules.

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