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 Our Story, It begins...
 Posted: Sep 30 2014, 01:04 PM
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Time and Space
A wise man once explained that all of time and space was not linear. He explored alternate realities, parallel to ours. He explored the unknown, and discovered the impossible.

Wars happen every day. Sadness, death, happiness and life. It's the way of things. Accidents happen, and we find our lives changed forever. Some for the best, others for the worst.

That man who explored time, he discovered a terrible secret at the edge of existence. Things we don't believe in, things we could only fantasize about, are not just figments of our imaginations. Reality is fragile, thin and tearing at the seams. Things that don't belong in one existence, are bleeding through, making new homes where they don't belong.

While some know without a doubt that space travel is impossible, others make their homes there. Monsters, Angels, and Demons are a thing of mythology for most, but there are those among us who see them every day.

The Event
One day, something somewhere, went horribly wrong, and Reality as we know it, fragmented, splintering and collapsing, letting universes bleed together. No one knows for sure what happened, so all they can do, is refer to it as 'The Event'.

Monster Hunters are meeting unknown monstrosities, fighting enemies they know nothing about. Humanity is finding life outside Earth, their own human race traveling the stars. New technologies are spreading through the world,

After the Event, the walls between realities shattered, time is twisting in upon itself. Earth's greatest minds fear what is to happen next. What happens when the lines of reality bend, break and even crumble?


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