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Mar 26 2015, 12:00 AM
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lara croft</div>

Lara Croft is a woman of beauty and adventure. She's born in a family that explores the past, digging into the a world that no one in modern day may ever understand. She grew up without her father and just like him, she pursued a career in archaeology. She's a fun, social, down to Earth woman with a bit of fire in her.</p>

Lara may have quite a few friends but she's not one to be in favor of quantity. Lara's best friend would be Sam, a half-American, half-Japanese who ancestor is the Shanaman Queen Himiko. Don't be afraid to approach the young explorer but don't expect her to give you her full trust. She's got a bit of an issue with that.</p>

Love is something Lara has yet to open with. Sure she's had a few crushes here and there during her school years but nothing that actually involved letting the boys know how she felt about them. Despite being placed in some other world, Lara might open up if she ever gets a chance to relax.</p>

Besides the inhabits on the Yamatai island, there's really no one that she considers her enemy. Unless you work for Mathias then there might be a problem. Don't rub off the wrong way with Lady Croft, she's got a fierce side of her that's itching to pull the trigger... or arrow to the knee.
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Mar 25 2015, 12:34 PM
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lara croft

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A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I'd finally set out to make my mark; to find adventure. But instead adventure found me.

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Lara's not the average shy girl when it comes to meeting people. Unlike most daughters that comes from a wealthy family, Lara's down to Earth, timid and often unsure of herself. She can be social as she has a good amount of friends she considers to be like family. She's very inquisitive, especially about ancient history. However, there are times when she can be serious but rarely shown outside of the two she trust most: Sam and Conrad Roth.</p>

<p>Lara had doubts about herself, mainly because she feels as though she's the weakest out of those she knows and cares about. She never touched a weapon, let alone fully understand the instinct for survival. She feared she would lose Sam when she was captured by the natives on the Yamatai island. She's lost some close friends during their entrapment on the island which further progressed her inability to protect those she loves.</p>

<p>With encouragement from a close comrade named Conrad Roth, Lara had found the inner strength and will to keep on going. Despite how Lara still had her doubts, she would never give up. This also includes when she killed someone for the first time. Emotionally shocked and dramatized, Lara knew that she had to defend herself to keep on surviving - even if it means to kill those who threaten to kill her or her friends.</p>

<p>Through her unwanted stay on Yamatai island, Lara's gained strength both physically and mentally. After seeing Roth die, including the two pilots that retrieved their distress call, Lara felt that her mentality had to be stable and stronger. Despite how her mind had been traumatized of killing a human being, she has to press on and never give up. It's her will to live that grew the most and she keeps on pushing herself to out stand her limitations.</p>

Lara Croft had always been a follower in her parents' footsteps. She was born in to a family of archaeologists who traveled the world more times than she can remember. However, during one of their expeditions, Lara's father had vanished and was considered to be dead. It wasn't easy growing up without a father figure but she earned her keep and believed that she'd make her father proud.</p>

<p>Instead of leeching money off of the wealth of the Croft family, Lara decided to earn her keep by taking on a few jobs at once. She applied to the University College of London, where she'd pursue the same career much like her parents did: archaeology. Learning through the tough life of relying on herself rather than her mother or riches, this helped Lara become level headed.</p>

<p>Lara met her best friend, Sam, through the boarding school. They reunited at UCL and showed Miss Croft the outside world besides museums. Sam was a balance for Lara as Sam influenced the more smile, bright side of Lara. Together they decided to take a journey to discover ancient history along with its myths and legends. They shortly a boarded a ship called "Endurance".</p>

<p>The very first expedition Lara decided to go with was to find the Japanese kingdom of Yamatai. It was said that the shanan queen, Himiko, held mystical power. Lara wanted to find truth to it (if any) or render it as just a myth in itself. In order to get to Yamatai, Lara and the crew must first pass through the Dragon's Triangle. It was here that had reports of missing ship vessels and wild to violent storms.</p>

<p>As the Endurance ship sails through the Dragon's Triangle, Lara can be found video taping her journey in her room. She explains how it's her first expedition. However, a sudden wave crashes against the ship which causes an uncontrollable balance to knock Lara out of her bunk bed. It turns out that the ship had been overrun with water due to the violent storm that split the ship in half. Lara, desperate to find her friends and crew, manages to reach the deck but had been knocked unconscious by a savaged mad man. </p>

<p>Later she awoke in a cave and found herself restrained from movement. The very same man who displayed savage beast-like behavior had brought her to his home cave. She was hanged upside down with a few skeleton bodies and some fresh killed men. Lara managed to escape but was wounded in the process. After swinging back and forth, a metal bar fell and impaled her lower left abdomen though the cave itself did collapse, killing the savage man in the process.</p>

<p>Once she made it out of the cave, Lara started to realize that the island held inhabitants. There had been rituals, carvings, and human-like beings roaming around the island. At this point, Lara made it clear to find the rest of the crew as well as finding Sam and Roth. She also managed to find an abandon and decaying aircraft that held a minor first aid kit. She used it to slow down the injury process in her lower left abdomen.</p>

<p>Eventually Lara found Sam and a man that calls himself "Mathias". He claims to be a survivor from a wreckage long ago and the rest of his men still live on the island as well. While Sam further explains about the legend of Himiko, Lara falls unconscious due to exhaustion and loss of blood from her wound. However, when she woke up the next day, she found herself alone. Sam and Mathias were gone.</p>

<p>Lara reunites with Grim, Alex, Reyes, Jonah and Whitman after a bear trap she had been in. Three wolves began to attack her but her friends were able to set her free from the trap and from the wolves. She explains to them that she was separated from Sam and a man named Mathias. Lara was determined to find Sam once again but she had to search for Roth as well. Whitman, out of nowhere, offered his service to help Lara find Roth in his last known location. The rest of the crew went off to look for Sam.</p>

<p>The pair, after walking for a long period, found a gate which seem to have odd symbols carved on it. Whitman refers to the strange carvings that means it's Himiko which led to believe they were near a shrine or the palace of the queen. Using the ax that Lara had used since her arrival on the island, she and Whitman managed to open the gate and went through it before it closed on itself. After realizing that it was some sort of shrine dedicated to Himiko, the pair had been ambushed by aggressive men which forced Lara to split from Whitman.</p>

<p>Lara somehow escapes from the grips of the hostiles. Still bound in ropes around her wrists, Lara proceeds to sneak past guards who were clearly armed with firearms. When it seemed like the path to leaving the shrine area was open, Lara had been captured by a man named Vladimir.</p>

<p>To two exchange words and ended up in a brawl between them. Vladimir had the upper hand and attempted to strangle her. Panicking, Lara managed to grab his handgun and shot him in the head. She had freed herself from the bonds but it was clear that Lara was scarred and shaken up by her act of carnage. She witnessed Vladimir die a slow and painful death, while his men scattered about in attempts to stop her.</p>

<p>Lara's fears and trauma had to be pushed aside because of this and fled out of the shrine temple. She kept her pistol, along with the axe and bow. At this point, she realized that in order to survive, she must kill the hostiles in order to find Sam and Roth. And hopefully reunite everyone.</p>

<p>Lara found Roth at a village that seemed to have been abandoned. Roth was in a bad state after being attacked by wolves and one of them bit his leg. Unsure of what to do, Lara was ordered to use the small first aid kit Roth had to slow down the process of his wound. The two exchange a small conversation, reminiscing about the past and how Lara was a lot like her father. However, Lara claimed that she's "not like the other Croft's" in the family.</p>

<p>In order to get off of the island, Roth spotted an old radio tower just several hundred feet away from the village. Lara, still having doubts about her ability to survive, told Roth she had a phobia of heights. Roth, having such encouraging words, managed to bring out the brave croft inside Lara.</p>

<p>Once Lara successfully reached the top of the radio tower and making it work, she was able to contact a rescue team. She even set a signal fire for the rescue team to pin point their location. She also noted how the weather went from summer to violent gushes of wind and even snow. Shortly after, an airplane above approaches to their location but a sudden violent storm strikes the plane. The pilots made it out but had been killed in the process of attempting to land safely on the island. Through the chaos of wind, lightning, rain, and the forming of snow, Lara faintly hears a voice that spoke out, "No one leaves" in Japanese.</p>

<p>When she made it down from the tower, a single pilot communicates through their radio claiming he's still alive but injured. Lara was determined to save him but in the end, a pack of wolves had killed him. Lara received a call through the radio from Alex and Reyes. They claimed that Sam had been kidnapped by the hostile men who live on the island. It was then that Lara set off to find Sam once more. The last known location was at another shrine temple and it wasn't hard for Lara to sneak in.</p>

<p>Ease dropping on what was going on, Lara noticed a vast amount of strange samurai-looking warriors marching in every hallway. At this point, she knew she was in the right location. When she did spot Sam being in binds from the cult, Lara attempted to stop what appeared to be a sacrifice of Sam to Himiko. Lara, with no real weapons but her bow, pistol, and ax, used an arrow to stop Mathias from killing her best friend. However, Mathias quickly took advantage of Lara's horrible decision and orders his men to kill her.</p>

<p>The men were interrupted by the demon creatures that were known as "Oni" warriors (samurai-looking monsters). At that point, she was taken to an ancient monastery in the high mountains. The monetary was filled with high winds and harsh cold temperatures.</p>

<p>Once again Lara manages to escape the monastery but in the process, she had been chased by the Oni warriors. The bridge that linked between the monastery and the rest of the island had suddenly start to deteriorate. The bridge floor beneath her vanished, making her free fall to what may be her death. However, it wasn't her death but the act of super natural pulling her into a different world.

In the beginning, Lara lacked any kind of survival skills. Aside from the training she had been given from Roth, Lara's never had to of had so much endurance, strength, and stamina to keep going. First and foremost, Lara's highly acrobatic which had been obtained with Roth's training. She can climb walls, rocks, swing on cloth banners and even do wall scrambles. However, she can't keep going without a moments rest or a full recovery from each action.</p>

<p>Firearms knowledge had been given by Roth once again. Lara knew little to nothing about them prior to being trapped on the Yamatai island. She salvaged most of the firearms (handgun and shotguns) from dead bodies of men that worked for Mathias. Lara still has a hard time aiming with the handgun and the recoil of the shotgun often sends her a few inches back due to her slender body.</p>

<p>Bow & Arrow would be the more efficient and most used weapon for her. This had been used to hunt and kill enemies from a far distance (roughly five to ten feet). Lara later gained ropes which are tied to some arrows. When released from the bow, the rope travels with it, enabling Lara to tie the end to a pole or a stable pillar. She can use the rope to climb over a gap or short distances in high places. She can also use the arrow rope to pull objects to her that she can't reach herself or break objects in high places.</p>

<p>Ax was the first blunt weapon she obtained from Roth. It has given her the ability to climb rigged rock walls and also help disable the Oni warriors' rock-like armor. it's also useful prying doors or gate knobs open.</p>

<p>Despite how Lara had to kill hostiles on the island in order to survive, Lara still suffers from the trauma of killing a human being (Vladimir) for the first time. It's still plaguing her at the back of her mind, which may lead to psychological therapy if she ever got off the island. The mental state she's in still remains strong but what would or will slow her down is the constant reminder of killing Vladimir, even if Lara did it out of defense.

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