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Nov 29 2014, 07:04 PM
Her robotic arms lifted to shield her face while the van went straight into a barricade. Only it didn't. It just zoomed on for a little ways and then slowed. She moved her arms and noticed that it was bright out. Which made it hard for her to make out what was happening since the computer had to readjust the light settings. Was she somehow back in the virtual world? Not having an answer for that she just pumped on the breaks till it stopped. Once it stopped she put it in park and put her hands on her knees as if to catch her breath. She may not need to breath but her robotic body still displayed her emotional fear. The little red light for her eyes was moving side to side while she was recovering from the momentary shock.

Once the red light stopped it was focused on something slowly moving past her door. It sounded large and there was a clanking sound with each rhythmic step. Zoe didn't move and stayed perfectly still. Then the cow came into site and Zoe just stared at it with her little red light. The cow with a dopey look that scaled up to the truck then ahead and kept on it's little path forward. The little red light watched it the entire way. What the frak? Where was she?

Now was the time to get out, so she grabbed for the handle and honestly forgot how strong she was since she ripped the handle right off the door. Frustrated she turned and kicked at the door till it finally came off and she jumped out and examined the truck and then the field. Just like any person would do after an accident Zoe touched various parts of her robotic body to try to tell if she was injured at all. Nope everything seemed fine. However, she couldn't feel a wifi connection to go back into the virtual world. That wasn't surprising.

She was confused but at the same time relieved to be free. For now. Her only objective now was to find Lacy and get to Gemenon.

Zoe was not hard to miss at all, she was over 6 feet tall and her hydraulic piston like legs made a loud sound that could be heard at-least a block away. She wasn't sure what direction she was going or even what planet she was on since she didn't know any of the town names. For now she was just walking the highway, not trying to bother anyone while she thought of what she was suppose to do now.

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Nov 17 2014, 06:09 PM
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Zoe Graystone

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Alessandra Torresani

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People leave more than footprints as they travel through life.- Zoe

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<p>U-87 prototype military and civilian model Cylon for the 12 colonies. Built to withstand bullet sprays with the same shielding as a tank and can even stand in fire without any damage and can even rip off their own limbs without comprising the rest of the system. At least, not physical. This is no ordinary U-87. She can still perform military drills like taking apart a gun or firing at a target with pinpoint accuracy. However, the operating system is far more advance than anything Daniel could have created.
<p>The avatar Zoe has working knowledge of combat which is a lot like being a terminator. She can repair herself and is very capable hacking most systems from the outside or from the inside. She can even made a Cylon that is a copy of her original self with human like skin and everything. The Avatar is the original Cylon, and possesses all the spirituality and rebel nature of them. All Cylon's built from this world will automatically want to obey and protect her.
<p> From the start Cylons were built to be a replacement for soldiers on the battlefields and a new workforce, essentially slaves to the human race. Only they had to be more advance, as to be able to learn and recognize the difference between a hostile target and a bystander. They had to be as human as humans but as perfect as machines. This sort of demand was taxing and each time he felt he was getting just a little closer but still off. This had more or less estranged him to his daughter who he hadn't notice was acting out. He wouldn't know the full extent of her rebelling until it was far too late.
<p> While Daniel had built the physical appearance that Zoe resides in currently, his daughter created the software. Zoe Graystone, was a brilliant inventor herself just like her father. Only she was inspired by his work and driven by one question, 'can you copy a soul.' In a largely antagonistic society Zoe was apart of a cult that was monotheistic. They had big plans for Zoe and her work on a way to copy a person into the advance network of virtual space. Zoe made a near perfect copy of herself which she calls an Avatar. The Avatar shared most of Zoe's memories but it did have to relearn some things but only because it was born in a world that wasn't physical. It also didn't have memories of all of Zoe's more 'adventurous' trips into the virtual world so the Avatar was free of Zoe's sin and copied from a more naive and innocent version of her. The physical Zoe did try to teach her and experiment on her but otherwise kept her isolated out of fear of something happening to her.
<p>This would end in blood. The physical Zoe was killed on a tram ride, while she was trying to run away from home. Now all that was left was the Avatar who had a small link with Zoe that allowed her to feel the death. She didn't understand what had happened just suddenly pain and she was covered in blood. The Avatar did not know of the cult or any of Zoe's relationship to them. Daniel finds her in the system and tricks her in order to capture her on a data disk. He doesn't understand fully what the Avatar is and wants to understand her.
<p>He wasn't able to keep her in the suit as it failed the first attempt. At-least he thought it did. She was still in there. Hiding from him as she had the same paranoia as the original Zoe in that if he or anyone found out about her then she'd be picked apart data by data in attempt to figure out what makes her unique. So she stayed silent, and did as she was told even went it meant ripping her arm off when ordered to during a shareholders meeting. She is not completely trapped in the machine and can go between the cylon and the virtual world. Daniel started noticing things were different about the Cylon and suspected that the Avatar was still in there.

<p>At first he made her do repetitive tasks like endlessly taking apart and resembling a gun while he talked to it about Zoe. When that didn't work he got desperate and took advantage of Zoe's childhood fears of fire and made her stand in the middle of a bonfire. Zoe barely managed to hold strong. When Daniel gave up he decided that maybe he was wrong all along and ordered his assistant Philo to terminate her and break the cylon down for parts. Philo was just about to do it but Zoe revealed herself which frightened him and when trying to calm him down she accidentally killed him. During her escape was when the event happened and she was now alone once more.

<div style="width: 470px; height: 10px; background-color: #190806;"></div>
<a href=""><div style="width: 450px; text-align: right; font-family: verdana; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #000; margin-left: -70px; margin-top: 3px;"> ♥ TY SARA! </div></a>
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