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Nov 14 2014, 02:35 AM
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Ever since the event she had spent her time in a hotel room. She couldn't find her apartment if it was anywhere out there and Wolfram and Hart was now some insurance building. She had gathered up anything she could find about this event and had papers scrambled all over the floor and bed. Among the papers where all the crumbled up notepaper of her failed ideas. Having run out of paper she took to writing on the wall. This was a nervous habit she picked up from her stint in a hell dimension. By this point she was wrapping up an equation while muttering, "Th double fissure should acquire a predictable patterns if the overlay tissue is.... If it's- .03 divided by the desired tissue thickness which was... which was." With a disappointing frown she swiped out an X under the variable she didn't know.

<p>There was so many variables that seem to be by chance rather than following a predictable pattern which was frustrating because just about anything in observable science could be quantified. Even magic could be quantified measured and repeatable. This, however just felt like she was trying to create a formula to predict the next lottery numbers. No, no, not just predicting the probability but actually being able to follow a string of variables that will give the numbers in order without any margin for error. Turning around she picked up a clunky device made from the tv, microwave, lamp and fire alarm that she gathered from this hotel room. To think they were more worried about people stealing towels.

<p> Her watch started beeping and she looked startled and quickly unhooked the device from the wall and hurried up exiting the room. As soon as she shut the door she remembered she forgot her key-card. She hit the door and cursed, then noticed she wasn't alone in the hall way and made eye contact with the cleaning lady. There was awkward silence as the women looked at the device in her hand then back to Fred. Fred put on a big smile, "It's uh. Not a trigger to a bomb." The women went from a passive curiously to concern. Fred waved her free hand, " No really, it's okay. See it's fine. I uh. Okay, lets just-. Shit you're going to call the police." The women then turn and ran. Fred frantically waved toward her. Then sighed, no time to try to explain she'd only have an hour to get the reading she wanted. So went up to the elevator where people were already inside and looked to her then to what she was holding. Fred looked down to the device then to them, "It's not a... uh, I'm going to just take the stairs." So she hurried down the stairs and was sprinted past the front desk where the cleaning lady was pointing after her and speaking loudly but Fred didn't slow down.

<p> As soon as she approached the way-point she frantically flipped some switches and manually sparked two wires to get the thing started. Then she started sweeping the area which seemed to be just a random street corner. She was still breathing hard from running and was trying to ignore the distant sound of police sirens. Frustrated she made a mocking tone as she muttered, "It's not a trigger to a bomb..." Then under her breath cursed at how stupid she was for accidentally scaring the poor women. She wasn't overly worried since she didn't do anything wrong it would just be inconvenient to try to explain things
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Nov 10 2014, 04:15 AM
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Winifred "Fred" Burkle

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Amy Acker

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Okay, so he survived an unspeakable hell dimension. Who hasn't?

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<p>Overall Fred is a kind, spirited and down to earth girl from Texas. She has a nerdy sort of adorkable charm and quirky way of rambling out whatever is on her mind in run on sentences. She is a scientist and mathematician with several skills for researching, tracking, and terminating paranormal threats. While she may be a fighter that is not her strong suit, she is adapt at setting traps and outsmarting her adversary. She can also use most forged weapons but seems to prefer a crossbow or gun.

<p>She is particularly useful in investigating paranormal crimes or identify monsters with very little to go by. In a sense she'd make a very good member of the watcher council. She is motivated to helping the helpless and protecting the world from evil but she does not see herself as a champion just someone who helps the champion. Physically she isn't much, a very tiny and skinny women who does not see herself as attractive due to her smaller cupsize. She is quick to make friends as she has a certain southern charm and hospitality where she is just very open and friendly.

Knox: She's so much more than that now. Beyond flesh. Beyond perfection. I loved Fred. I really did. She had a warmth that took you in and held you until everything cold and distant melted away. She was the most beautiful, perfect woman I ever met. That's why I chose her. She's the only one that was worthy.

<p>There was once a time when Fred did not know about magic and monsters and other worlds back then she was just a normal girl attending UCLA. Originally she was majoring in history but after a lecture in physics class with Professor Seidel she changed her major. She had a bright promising future in the field which made her Professor jealous and he opened a portal to a demon dimension called Pylea as an attempt to murder her. All that was known was that she had vanished one night while working at the library. Five years later Angel and his team of investigators went to Pylea in order to rescue one of their own investigators and friend Cordelia Chase.

<p>Fred was still alive in a dimension that treated humans like cattle. Essentially working them to death. Being a smart and resourceful girl Fred managed to disable her electric collar and evade capture. She spent many of these years in a cave where she was working on a equation that would allow her to predict the location and time of the next rip in the dimension. She nearly had it but was missing vital information so really she went a little crazy as she obsessed over the gap in her equations.

<p>Cordelia had arrived first and Fred risked her life just to get close to her to warn her about this place and was going to help her escape but this exposed her to the demons who captured her. She had been known to the demons as a rodent who couldn't be tamed and was pretty well known for stealing food. They decided to make her execution a public event as an example to other humans and a celebration in honor of their new champion. The new champion happened to be Angel who was working the champion angle in order to find and get Cordelia back. Instead of killing her he helped her escape but in doing so it made him and his team into fugitives. Fred got away but they went to prison. Angel started to lose his mind and go feral and because a wild beast. Fred wanting to return the favor used blood to lure him back to her cave where she was able to treat him and help return him to normal. She then helped him to rescue the team and they all escaped the hell dimension. You can take the girl out of Pylea but you can't take Pylea out of the girl.

<p>The five years she spent in a hell dimension scarred her in such a way that prevented her from ever having a normal life. She had even feared to see her parents again as seeing them would some how make everything she had been through and lost more real. With continued help and support from Angel, Cordelia, Gunn and Wesley she was able to move past the horrors and get back in touch with her parents. She was never obligated to join the team instead she decided to because she didn't want anyone else to go through what she did.

<p>She does not view herself has a victim or damsel in distress she instead will allow people to underestimate her or see her as weak or helpless. Occasionally, it doesn't work out for her and she does get over her head but she has also come to the rescue more often than she actually needs to be rescued. Either way she isn't going down without a fight its not in her nature to give up. This spirit makes her a great motivator to others as she is often pushing the team to keep going when all hope seems to be lost.

<p> At first she wouldn't really leave the office and would help Wesley with translating ancient and demonic books. It wasn't long after that she'd be working the field like anyone else and her genius and resourcefulness proved to be a valuable skill. She has proven herself in hand to hand combat and has slayed her fair share of vampires and demons alike. Fred is curious by nature and like a good scientist she was to explore and learn about anything she comes across. While her trip to the demon dimension might have been unexpected she did learn quite a lot about demons and the fabric of space that separates the dimensions.The trip did not make her detest demons as she knows the difference between good and evil and that being a monster does not default someone to being evil.

<p>Before the event she was working for LA Branch of Wolfram & Hart which is considered an evil multidimensional law firm. Their branch has been reformed under the management of Angel and his team who are attempting to use the resources to do good on a much larger scale than they could of before. Winifred is the head of the science division where she has to work not just science but the science behind magic on a daily bases. Just to give an example she's been able to bring a spirit back to the physical realm. Science and math aren't her only strong suits as she has conducted many magical rituals and given time can translate demonic, ancient or even ancient demonic books. She has a love for puzzles and was able to solve geometric puzzle that only a handful of people in the world can solve.



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