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Mar 15 2015, 07:49 PM
Deep Space 5 was a space station somewhere in the far corner of the Alpha Quadrant. Like all of the other Deep Space stations of the Federation, it was a large station, full of shops, restaurants, eateries, motels, and research stations. It was built for people who needed a temporary stop in their journeys. You could refuel, get some time out of your cramped ship, and then be on your way a few days later.

Data had left the Enterprise in a shuttle to reach the station. There was to be a conference regarding the temporal and dimensional rifts occurring all over the Alpha Quadrant. Space had altered so dramatically that some people argued they were no longer in the Alpha Quadrant; others insisted they'd somehow gone back in time. Data's theory was more a mixture. Earth, and other pockets of space had shifted back in time, or so it seemed--other areas were completely unfamiliar, to the point that Data did not even recognize the species of the individuals on any given planet.

It was a general call for the conference--they weren't limiting the meeting to Federation officers, because...there were many that no one seemed able to contact, and so, so many other people on the station and in surrounding space that had simply not existed to Data's knowledge, just a few months ago.

The Federation--or at least, the members in this particular corner of space--were extending their scientific research on the rifts to any scientific minds interested in helping out or learning. The Enterprise had sent Data, as he was one of the top engineers on the Enterprise, and would be able to recall the information gleaned instantaneously once he returned. He dressed in the standard Federation uniform.

The conference itself was not scheduled to begin for several more hours--in the meantime, Data was seated at a table on the Promenade, which was the ring of shops and stores around the main section of the space station. While he did not feel emotions of any kind, that never seemed to keep him from being a very curious android. And when he glanced up and saw someone who looked completely.. well, alien to him. Her life signs were different from any race cataloged in his system, as well.

Without any consideration as to whether it was rude or not.. He simply stood up, and walked over to the red-head's side. "Excuse me--may I ask you a few questions? My name is Data."
Nov 10 2014, 01:16 PM
The confusion apparently taking place on Earth prompted Data to do some further analysis. Were neighboring planets the same? Similar? The moons and planets immediately surrounding Earth were not populated; that aligned with his original theory of his being thrown into a temporal anomaly. There were no people on Luna. Data's records showed that Luna had been a populated colony for many years; to see it now empty was strange indeed. He'd moved on from there, farther out, so far that he was no longer in Earth's solar system. There seemed to be no planets there at all, aside from Earth, that held sentient life.

Now he was searching elsewhere; he'd picked up something in the neighboring system, and had transported down to the planet's surface via his shuttle's teleporter. Now he held a tricorder in hand, trying to take readings of the planet's atmosphere, signs of life, and anything else it might pick up.

His movements were slow but steady, gaze looking all around, at the rock-like structures, the sand-like ground. It was windy, but not terribly cold. Safe for human life, his tricorder said, though even if it hadn't been, that wouldn't have stopped Data.
Oct 11 2014, 11:20 PM
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Operations Officer

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Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Brent Spiner

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Are we human or are we dancer?
My sign is vital, my hands are cold

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Data is a Soong-type android. <p>

  • 24.6 kilograms of tripolymer composites
  • 11.8 kilograms of molybdenum-cobalt alloys
  • 1.3 kilograms of bioplast sheeting

  • cortenide
  • duranium
  • storage capacity: 800 quadrillion bits
  • computational speed: 60 trillion operations per second

Weight: 100 kilograms<p>

  • immunity to alcohol, intoxication
  • no need for sustenance
  • immunity to telepathy and other psionic abilities
  • enhanced physical strength (can bend 240 tons of metal)
  • Non-buoyant. Only semi-waterproof
  • Unable to feel emotion
  • No sense of taste


Data looks almost human. He is human in shape, height, and general make up. He has short brown hair, that is sort of swept back. He appears to be a physically fit male. However, there is where the similarity stops. His skin is far too pale, unnaturally so, and his eyes are a golden yellow. <p>
His lips are a bit too pale to look 'real,' as well. His systems are programmed such that he seems to have a pulse, he appears to breathe. Even his eyelids have a sub-routine that causes them to blink randomly, to imitate humanity. <p>
Data also has several other quirks meant to simulate humans. When asking questions, his head tilts slightly to one side, a little too quickly to look 'natural.' It is a quirk that his crewmates have attributed as just something he does, mostly because he does it very often. <p>

The other thing about Data is that he is actually unable to use contractions. He will never say "can't" or "don't" or "isn't." He will instead always say "cannot," "do not," "is not," "I am," et cetera. Soong programmed him in such a way because most humans become uncomfortable if an android looks too human. That is the theory, in any case. <p>


Minus the emotion chip, which remains deactivated most of the time, Data has no emotions. He was not programmed with them, as they are a difficult thing to emulate with any degree of accuracy. He does not feel glee when good things happen; he does not get angry, nor does he grieve the loss of allies, at least not in the way that emotional beings do.
However, that does not make him less sentient, nor less of an individual. First and foremost, Data seeks to become more human. Regardless of whether it was programmed into him or not, he is constantly trying to learn more about the intricacies of being human, from different emotions and psychological reactions, to simple things like dance methods, how to sneeze, how to laugh. He finds humanity fascinating, in short.
Despite having no emotions, Data is a naturally curious sort. This makes him a phenomenal Starfleet officer, as he strives to discover new things, and learn as much as he can about those who are around him. He is perfectly willing to ask questions of others. Sometimes to disastrous effect, as he has no concept of what questions might be 'offensive' or unacceptable to ask.
Data is unmistakably quirky. In his efforts to become more 'human,' he has done things that others might consider embarrassing. However, since he does not 'feel' embarrassed, it does not phase him, though being laughed at generally confuses him, and he will ask you what is funny. He has been caught staring at a mirror, attempting to sneeze, he has asked friends for dance lessons, and has even attempted to learn how to be mean by making use of insults. My hair does not need trimming, you lunkhead.
Despite having no real sense of enjoyment, aside from his brief experience using the emotion chip, Data does seem to prefer doing certain activities over others. On the holodeck he frequently engages in Sherlock Holmes mysteries. In the beginning he failed to understand the purpose of the holonovel, downloading and knowing the entire story of the mystery, down to the very who done it?. With some coaching however, he soon learned that the point of Sherlock Holmes holonovels was figuring out the mystery, not replacing the novel word by word.
As well, he will play just about any game that you ask him to. He seems to 'like' conversation with just about anyone, and is willing to help anyone who asks him. It is literally impossible to offend him, or make him angry. However, he has been known to offend or hurt the feelings of others from time to time by accident, either from a misunderstanding of the meaning of words, or a simple lack of understanding of cultural meanings, word choice, or cultural norms.<p>

The fifth of six known androids designed by Dr. Noonian Soong, Data began his existence on the planet Omicron Theta. He had one predecessor, Lore, who was deactivated due to some questionable and dangerous malfunctions. Noonian's wife feared Data would become too human, and turn evil, as his 'brother' had. Soong claimed that he had built Data to perfect his design, and that once it was perfected, to use it to activate Lore once again.
In the beginning, Data was much like a child, struggling with things as simple as motor control and sensory input. Over time, Data learned how to control his body, and what he was; an android. Soong worked to improve certain deficiencies, such as his disregard for manners, and clothing (Data insisted he did not suffer from the elements, so what was the purpose of them?). A 'modesty' subroutine was eventually written into his system to make up for these imperfections.
Later in life, the planet was threatened by something known only as a "Crystalline Entity." Their colony in danger of being destroyed, Data was deactivated, his memories of his early life wiped, and the journals of the colonist programmed into his memory. When the Entity did indeed attack, the colonists fled the planet. Soong's wife was supposed to reactivate Data and bring him with them, but, fearing he would become like Lore, she purposefully left him behind.
On February 2, 2338, the USS Tripoli discovered him upon Omicron Theta, long after the Crystalline Entity had destroyed the entire colony. He ended up choosing to join Starfleet Academy. He met some resistance to being accepted, as he was "not a sentient being." Eventually he was admitted however, and spent four years there.
He did extremely well academically, but social obstacles were frequent, and he often was the butt end of practical jokes. In any case he graduated with honors in exobiology, and probability mechanics.
His first assignment was aboard the USS Trieste. He spent three years as an ensign and twelve as a lieutenant before ending up lieutenant commander in 2360. In 2364, he was assigned to USS Enterprise-D as second officer.
Over the years, Data has earned numerous medals of honor, including the Starfleet Command Decoration for Gallantry, Medal of Honor with clusters, Legion of Honor, and the Star Cross.
He was operations and second officer to the Enterprise, and this is where he truly shined. He learned much about humanity, and was frequently trying to become closer to that of a 'human,' with varying amounts of success. Since he did not need sleep, he stood night watch on the bridge, often. He also participated in numerous away missions. His strength and speed of thought made him invaluable.
Numerous times, Data has helped further the process of having androids accepted as sentient beings. He has been a part of several hearings and court trials on the issue, as those who claimed to "own" Data tried to force him to do things he did not wish to do. By 2372, he was considered the only sentient artificial lifeform in Federation society.

At one point, he found his free will was overridden; someone took over his systems, and forced him to return to Omicron Theta, where he had been 'born.' He discovered that it was none other than Noonian Soong, who had learned of Data's exploits, and wished to give him a gift. Unfortunately, he accidentally contacted Lore as well, who was able to knock Data out and disguise himself as Data. Noonian then gave Lore the gift meant for Data--an emotion chip. A fight ensued between the two androids, but in the end, Data ended up with the chip.
He later activated it, and found it very difficult to control the emotions it gave him. He was overcome with terror, when his friend Geordi was attacked, and later became overcome with grief, that his terror had caused his friend's abduction at the hands of their enemies. He later learned how to turn the chip on and off, and opted to keep it off, until such time as he could understand it better, and control it properly.
He now serves upon the Enterprise-E, with Jean-Luc Picard as captain. During an away mission to an inhabitable planet, Data suddenly found himself in a very new part of space, unfamiliar to him, and without the Enterprise at his back.
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