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 Search for Life, Tag: Sikozu
 Posted: Nov 10 2014, 01:16 PM
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Star Trek: TNG
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The confusion apparently taking place on Earth prompted Data to do some further analysis. Were neighboring planets the same? Similar? The moons and planets immediately surrounding Earth were not populated; that aligned with his original theory of his being thrown into a temporal anomaly. There were no people on Luna. Data's records showed that Luna had been a populated colony for many years; to see it now empty was strange indeed. He'd moved on from there, farther out, so far that he was no longer in Earth's solar system. There seemed to be no planets there at all, aside from Earth, that held sentient life.

Now he was searching elsewhere; he'd picked up something in the neighboring system, and had transported down to the planet's surface via his shuttle's teleporter. Now he held a tricorder in hand, trying to take readings of the planet's atmosphere, signs of life, and anything else it might pick up.

His movements were slow but steady, gaze looking all around, at the rock-like structures, the sand-like ground. It was windy, but not terribly cold. Safe for human life, his tricorder said, though even if it hadn't been, that wouldn't have stopped Data.
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