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 Joker's Wanted Peeps
The Joker
 Posted: Oct 9 2014, 06:58 PM
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Hi guys! I'd love to see more of the Bat-family here!

Bruce Wayne - Batman
I don't really feel like I need to put words here. D; But Batman is Gotham's dark knight, it's one defender, blah blah blah~ The place needs it's signature brooding badass, and someone to keep Joker under control.

Jim Gordon
The commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, Jim Gordon is a toughened man, who's seen a lot in his days. Rough, gruff, and oh so very tough. XP He doesn't accept bullshit from any of his officers, or from any of the criminals he takes down. He's a celebrated officer, well known throughout Gotham, and possibly the only person capable of putting up with the city's crap in such a public way.

Barbara Gordon
Batgirl! Or Oracle! I'd love to see her in play, especially if we get a Jim Gordon as well. I don't mind if she's Oracle or Batgirl, crippled or not. Though if she's not, beware that Joker'll make that attempt sooner or later, because he's a horrible person. x3

Anywho, I'd just love to see more Bat-family here! It'd be great!

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